Read the Bible

We believe that God speaks to His people. God's Word has the power to transform lives.

The WORD Changes Everything

At The Church At Lake Forest, we believe that God's Word is God-sized. We are a church in the Word because the Word changes everything. When the World and the Word are different, we go with the Word.

Welcome to Life Change

We believe that God speaks to His people through His Word, and His Word has the power to transform lives. The Bible reading plans and journal examples below are designed to guide you as you learn to hear from God through His Word and obey as He speaks. It is our prayer that your faith grows as you choose to seek God through His Word. We know that the truth of the bible is powerful, but truth applied changes lives.

The Story plan

The Story Plan summarizes the Bible’s key accounts, highlighting the events and people that played a part in God’s story of redemption. No matter your age or where you are in your faith journey, the Story Plan is a great place to start.

The Chronological Plan

The Chronological Plan follows the story of how God rescued humanity through Jesus in the order that it happened. This plan is great for those who want to read the Bible with the context of a sequential timeline.

The One Year Plan

The One Year Plan combines two readings every day, typically an Old and a New Testament passage, walking you through the entire Bible in one year.

The Two Year Plan

The Two Year Plan provides one Old and one New Testament passage every day, as well as portions of the gospels. This plan is a great way to slow down and meditate on all God is saying through His Word.

How can I get the most out of reading the Bible?

We don't want you to just read the Bible to check off some Christian to-do list. Our hope is that you'll actually meet with God through through the pages of His Word. So we encourage to keep a journal of the things God is teaching you as you read. We use the acronym, S.O.A.P., to help you maximize your time journaling what you read. As you set about to journal the day's passage, simply choose ONE verse from what you read and write a short statement for each letter in your journal.

step one: scripture

Read the daily passage and choose one verse that captures your attention. Simply copy the verse into your journal, then move to the next step.

step two: Observe

Observe the details of the verse that you picked. Who wrote it? Who is the audience? What did the author write about in previous passages that may influence today's reading? Consider what God is revealing about Himself or about you. Take your time, explore the details and record your observations.

step three: apply

Apply what you read to your own story. Where does your life not align with God's character or instruction revealed through Scripture? Ask the Holy Spirit how to apply the reading to your own life, then talk with Him about it as you journal what He says.

Step 4: pray

Pray for God to help you live what you learned. Your time in God's Word is a conversation, and healthy conversations involve both listening and responding. Write a short prayer asking God to help him apply what He's shown you today.