Our Code

The values that drive us to do what we do

Our Code


We believe God’s Word is God-sized. We are a church in the Word because the Word changes everything. When the World and the Word are different, we go with the Word. Spirit-filled Wisdom fills in the gaps and shades in the grays where the Word is silent, and Wisdom will never contradict the Word.


Corporately and individually, We Pray Expecting God To Act because Life’s battles are won on our knees in prayer, not fighting and striving and working our knuckles to the bone. God is good with details but his true specialty is big. That’s why we pray God-sized prayers. He is able to give us “immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).


At TCALF, we are looking for missionaries, not members. We are a church who serves because Saved People Serve People. Our goal is to find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it. We believe Serving is Sexy and is a great place to meet, date, and mate! We also believe that Action Creates Traction. Sometimes we aren’t getting anywhere in life because we aren’t going anywhere in life.


We are a church of small groups because Life is Better Connected. We call our small groups “Community Groups” because we believe we should be in community with people in our community. We have three kinds of Community Groups: Men’s, Women’s, and Couples. They meet both on and off-campus and begin and end regularly.


We are a church where there are No Perfect People Allowed. We love people’s stories because We Are All Becoming Someone, not just doing something. People disciple people, not groups, classes, events, retreats, etc. We are Skin on Skin. Life on life. Tears on Tears. Relationship trumps everything but mission. As leaders, we won’t just delegate tasks, we develop people. No Dumping Allowed!


Because TCALF is an Acts 2 church living in an Acts 17 world, we embrace cultural onramps to worship. Jesus met people where they were and told stories any crowd would understand. While our message will never change, an excellent leader recognizes the audience and the environment and adjusts language and presentation accordingly. The Gospel deserve our best, not our sloppy seconds, so we will never commit ourselves to mediocrity. We will not become a spork. We prefer Ruth’s Chris to Golden Corral; it’s just better food. If we can’t make it great, we make it go away.


We are a church who gives generously and automatically because we can’t out-give God. He did for all what we couldn’t do for one, so we do for one what we wish we could do for all. We are agents of change; a movement, not a gathering. If we aren’t changing our community, why should we exist? If we don’t exist to change, we won’t exist for long.